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If you are traveling alone and would like to share a double room, we will do our best to match yo​u with another person of the same sex. Please note that there is no guarantee we will be able to find you a roommate. If we are unable to match you with a roommate, you will be charged the additional cost for a single room.


Single rooms are for one person. Double rooms are for two people. You may select one double bed or two twin beds for a double room.

  • *Limited Number Available (Single Supplement is an​ additional $812)

  • *There is a maximum of three people in a room. the hotel may bring in a cot for the third person. There is a limited number of rooms that can accommodate three people.



To reserve your spot on the tour, please submit a completed registration form and a $400 (USD) non-refundable/non-transferable deposit per person. A copy of your passport ​will be required at least nine weeks before travel. Participants must be 13 years of age to participate in a tour, except in special circumstances. The remaining tour balance is due no later than 90 days before travel. If full payment is not received by the due date, your spot on the tour is subject to cancellation. Travel and medical insurance are not included in the cost of the tour. Please purchase your own insurance.


An initial deposit of $400 is required individually upon registration. After selecting your travel package option, you will see the choices to make your deposit or payments off-line. Please note that no payments are accepted by way of the registration form.

Due dates for deposits and installment payments are scheduled individually for each traveling group. Confirm dates with the organizer/team leader.


ACCESS to the "Manage My Account" feature is provided only after the initial registration is completed.

CREATE a personal account to manage and send payments.

An email will be sent to you when registration confirmation is received to:

  1. Access your personal registrant account.
  2. Receive notifications of important dates and deadlines.





Due to the latest data on COVID-19’s spread and the healthcare system’s ability to manage this crisis, INSPIRATOURS will continue to monitor and meet with local and international partners and vendors to assess the state of this global emergency. We are taking measures within our control to ensure the safety and good health of our clients.

"PLEASE READ! These are the current requirements before the flight or entry at an Israeli border crossing as of March 27, 2020. Jordanian border crossing details to follow. Please visit ISRAELSAFE.COM and GATEWAY2JORDAN.GOV for the latest updates as they can change rapidly, and it is your responsibility to stay abreast of these conditions for entry, stay and exit during your tour to Israel and Jordan.
1. Take a PCR test within 72 hours before the flight and upon arrival at the Israeli border crossing (Ben Gurion Airport). You must present an official document with the negative test result and your passport number.
If your itinerary includes a connecting flight to Israel and the layover time between the first flight and the flight landing in Israel is more than 24 hours, you must take the PCR test within 72 hours before the departure of the flight landing in Israel.

The following are exempt from presenting a negative PCR result test:
Those who stayed outside Israeli territories for less than 72 hours.
Those who will present a positive result on a rapid (antigen) test at an authorized testing site, or a PCR test, taken less than three months prior, provided entering Israel is at least on day eight after the test (the test date is considered day 1).

These tests will add extra costs, which are NOT included in the tour price. As entry requirements can change, we do not know what tests will be required or the costs of those tests at the time of your departure. Please note that you will be responsible for these extra costs.

2. A health insurance policy with coverage for the treatment of COVID-19 is required. The insurance policy is mandatory to enter Israel. We ask that you purchase insurance to cover your tour costs and any other additional costs if you would happen to have a positive COVID test prior to boarding the flight, upon arrival in Israel, or at any point during the tour and need medical care, quarantine, or a change in flights."

3. Fill out the entry statement form within 48 hours before the flight or arrival at an Israeli border crossing, and as early as possible.
Complete your personal information and details of those traveling with you, a health statement, information on vaccines administered or recovery, and isolation accommodation.
Receive a Green Pass: if you are considered vaccinated or recovered according to the Israeli Ministry of Health - upload documentation of vaccination or recovery in the Israeli entry statement, and you can receive a Green Pass that will exempt you from entering isolation if exposed to confirmed COVID case in Israel:
- Those who have a certificate of vaccination or recovery that can be digitally verified through the Ministry of Health's systems, will upload their certificate to the form and receive a Green Pass to their email when the form is complete.
- Vaccinated individuals who do not have a certificate that can be digitally verified through the Ministry of Health's systems, will declare their vaccination status in the form and attach the relevant documents to the form - and receive a Green Pass to their email when the form is complete.
- Recovered individuals who do not have a certificate that can be digitally verified through the Ministry of Health's systems, will not automatically receive a Green Pass after filling the form. If they are required to enter isolation following exposure to a COVID patient, they will be able to present to the Ministry of Health epidemiological researcher relevant documents.
Countries that generate digital certificates that can be verified in Israel
Upon completion of the form, you will receive a link in which you may pay in advance for the PCR test that you will be required to take upon arrival in Israel (in addition to the pre-flight test).

4. Required documents to present before departure or before entering border crossing:

A confirmation attesting to the completion of the arrival statement form.
You can present a digital copy of this confirmation or a printed copy. Keep this confirmation until after passing through border control in Israel.
- Negative result on a PCR test taken within72 hours before the flight to Israel or before arriving at the border crossing.
- Positive result on a PCR test or a rapid (antigen) test at an authorized site that was taken in the 3 months before the flight or arrival at the border crossing, on the condition that boarding or entering border is 8 days or more since performing the positive test (the day of the test is day 1).
- Clearance from the Exceptions Committee for arriving in Israel without taking a PCR test before the flight or border crossing entering.

Wear a mask on your nose and mouth (from age 7) and practice social distancing and hygiene.

At the time of your departure, we do not know if Israel will require a quarantine if you test positive. The price of the tour does not cover any Covid related expenses if you are required to go into quarantine or reschedule any flights.

Currently Jordan does not require a PCR test to enter at their land border crossings. However, you will need to complete a declaration form and upload a QR code prior to travel to Jordan at In addition, you will need an Antigen or PCR test to board your flight home in accordance with the USA policies. Also, please check with your airline for any additional requirements. Most airlines have a declaration form to be completed before check-in.
Thank you for your cooperation, support and understanding.




You must be able to keep up with the group with minimal assistance.

Some of the sites have uneven steps, cobblestone streets, rocks, or stone steps without railings, ramps, or other disability accommodations.

Please consider your physical and medical conditions that might prevent you from being able to keep up with the group as IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO SO.

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